Rules & Regulations


Category Number of Dancers
Solos 1 Dancer
Duets/Trios 2-3 Dancers
Small Groups 4-9 Dancers
Large Groups 10-16
Extended Lines 17+
Production 12+
Adult Category
(Groups Only)
It’s never to late to perform!! These entries will be adjudicated and be eligible for Special Awards, Under 4 Minutes. Please notify if over 4 minutes.

Age Divisions

All ages are as of December 31st, of the previous calendar year. Full name, age and date of birth of all performers must be accurate and true. Contestants must be able to provide proof of age by birth certificate at competition if requested. If proof of age is requested and not provided, the routine will be disqualified and no refund will be issued.

To determine ages for Duets, Trios, Groups and Lines, add up all ages of performers in the routine. Divide total by the number of performers in the routine.
If the result ends in a decimal, drop the decimal.


A novice contestant is a person who has never competed before in a competition. A Novice Soloist/Duet/Trio may have competed before in a Group or line, but never in any number with less than 4 dancers. A Novice Group/Line must consist of 75% novice dancers, who have never competed before. A new dance form performed by an experienced soloist, Duet/Trio, Group or Line is NOT Novice. A Novice dancer is classified Novice throughout the entire season. The maximum age for Novice is 16 years. There must be a minimum of 3 entries in each category in order to have a 1st, 2nd or 3rd placement ribbon and/or trophy awarded. Separate overalls will be awarded for this category. Novice entries are not eligible for Highest Score of the Day & All-Star Beat Dance Off.

  • Solos: A dancer that has never competed previously in a solo in any dance style.
  • Duet/Trio: 100% of the dancers have never competed in a solo/duet/trio in any dance style.
  • Groups: Dancers must be 75% Novice.

*Star Beat will acknowledge the Novice categories for highest score of the day if there is no competitive dancing on a specific day.

The Pre-Competitive category is for dancers who train 6 hours or less a week. This includes all rehearsal time. All participants of a Solo/Duet/Trio/ dancing in the Pre-Competitive category should have NO more than 6 hours of training per week. Dancers in a group/line must be 75% Pre-Competitive.

A Pre-Competitive Duet/Trio/Group/Line dancer may dance in the Competitive division, therefore a Pre-Competitive dancer may choose to dance in a Competitive Duet/Trio/Group/Line but would still be considered Pre-Competitive for their solo etc., as long as they only dance 6 hours or less. Any competitive dancer dancing in the Pre-Competitive divisions may result in disqualification to the routine. The maximum age for Pre-Competitive is 21 years old, any age exceeding will be placed in the Adult or Professional Category. There must be a minimum of 3 entries in each category in order to have a 1st, 2nd or 3rd placement ribbon and/or trophy awarded. Separate overalls will be awarded for this category.

*A Pre-Competitive dancer can only be in registered in 8 or less routines. In the event a Pre-Competitive dancer is registered in more than 8 routines, Star Beat Dance Champions has the right to question and request further information.

*Star Beat will acknowledge the Pre-Competitive categories for highest score of the day if there is no competitive dancing on a specific day.

Dancer(s) who train more than 6 hours a week; including all choreography/rehearsal time. Dancers must be under the age of 21 and not employed by any industry professional pertaining to dance. The maximum age for Competitive is 21 years old. Any age exceeding will be placed in the Adult or Professional Category. There must be a minimum of 3 entries in each category in order to have a 1st, 2nd or 3rd placement ribbon and/or trophy awarded.

Any dancer 19 years or older that receives financial compensation or gain from instructing, choreographing and/or performing in the dance industry is considered a Professional Dancer.

  • Any Duet with a Professional dancer would be classified as a Professional Category
  • Any Trio with a Professional dancer would be classified as a Professional Category
  • Any Group with 25% or more Professional dancers would be classified as a Professional Category.


A routine using controlled moves consisting of acrobatic tricks such as walkovers, limbers, handstands, handsprings, chest rolls, illusions, etc. The routine must contain dance moves, steps and choreography.

A routine that is interpretive using a contemporary style of dance, modern dance technique and movement with no limitation, while incorporating balance, control and extensions. Illusions, front and back rolls are allowed, as well as partner lifts that may end up with partner’s feet over their heads. A limit of two (2) acrobatic tricks allowed

A routine consisting of jazz technique using body isolations and varied rhythmic accents. A limit of two (2) acrobatic tricks allowed.

A routine consisting primarily of classical pointe technique and must be danced in pointe shoes.

A routine consisting primarily of vocals.

A routine containing partner work and/or overhead lifts.

Routine using ethnic style of dance, such as Highland, Celtic, Irish Jig, etc.

A routine that tells the story of the music while demonstrating passion, emotion, balance, technique, extension, and control. A limit of two (2) acrobatic tricks allowed.

A routine, with a minimum of twelve (12) dancers, incorporating any form of dance with a theme or story which is portrayed throughout the dance using formations and/or rhythm changes. Acrobatic tricks are permitted. Please notify if routine exceed 10 minutes.

*Production entries do not qualify for the Highest Score of the Day.*

A routine expressing a form of classical dance containing ballet technique while incorporating classical movements such as grace and precision. Ballet slippers only.

A routine that uses street dance styles with popular, mainstream music. Styles associated with hip hop include breakdance, popping and locking and krumping. A limit of three (3) acrobatic tricks allowed.

A routine that combines Broadway, movie musical song and/or spoken dialogue and dance. It must portray the feeling of the lyrics and music using any form of dance. Lip-Synching is permitted.

A routine containing an equal combination of both singing and any form of dancing. Fifty percent of the performance should consist of dance. Accompaniment must be on pre-recorded back track. Studios must provide their own microphones/headsets. A limit of two (2) acrobatic tricks allowed.

A routine which portrays a recognizable character throughout and includes classical steps and movements with the use of props. Can be performed in any form of dance.

Dance improvisation is the process of spontaneously creating movement.

Prior to the IMPROV category, each dancer will be given 10 seconds to listen to a song selected at random. They will then get 40 seconds to perform their piece and to interpret the music to which ever dance style they wish. Dancers will be dancing in random selected order. Please listen for announcements and updates throughout the weekend.

This category will receive live adjudication and will be adjudicated in two divisions – 12 & under and 13 & over. Please note that the IMPROV category is not eligible for overall awards.

Awards for the IMRPOV category will be determined upon registration.

A routine that does not fall under any other dance category, and/or is a combination of two or more dance styles. A limit of six (6) acrobatic tricks allowed. If the routine consists of six (6) or more acrobatic tricks, you must move these routines to the Acro category. *a gymnastic line of 3 tricks is considered 3 of your tricks for that routine.*

A routine consisting primarily of tap techniques. Pre-recorded tap sounds cannot be present in the piece of music being used. A limit of two (2) acrobatic tricks allowed.

All-Star Beat Dance Off

Does your studio have what it takes?

Our Dance Off is a one of a kind showcase! It provides the opportunity for every studio’s top mark in a Group/Line, (against all forms) to advance and participate in our “All-Star Beat Finale Dance Off!”

Dancers in the finale will be judged not solely on their technique but also for stage presence, creativity, choreography, costumes and overall performance quality via LIVE adjudication. There will be 3 divisions: Junior (10 years & under), Intermediate (11-14 years) & Senior (15 years & over).

There will be no additional entry fees to compete in the All-Star Beat Dance Off! Top 3 are awarded Star Beat Bucks, & Customized Banner for their Studio. Runner-ups up will also receive a customized banner.

Please note: Novice/Pre-Competitive/Production entries do not qualify for the “All-Star Beat Dance Off”. A minimum of 3 competitive groups and total of 10 entries must be entered in the competition, per studio, to be eligible to qualify for the All-Star Beat Dance Off. Top 5 groups in each division will compete head to head in a dance off. No contestant/studio will have more than one entry in each division. There must be a minimum of 3 qualifiers per division for the dance off to be held in that division.


Each studio must have a minimum of 10 Pre-Competitive entries, where 3 must be groups/lines to qualify for the top 3 PRE-COMPETITVE studio title. Top marks (based on the accumulated score of every eligible studios top 10 routines, 3 of which must be groups) will be taken from the studios Pre-Competitive routines from the junior, intermediate and senior age division.

Starbeat Policies


Space is limited and entries are accepted on a first come first served basis. The directors of Star Beat Dance Champions reserve the right to cancel, add or reduce the days of any scheduled competition. Star Beat reserves the right to move a competition date and venue due to unforeseen circumstances. There will be no cancellations of days or scheduled times due to weather conditions. Star Beat reserves the right to cancel if not enough entries are received and also reserves the right to refuse individual or studio entries at their discretion, in which fees will be refunded.

A tentative schedule will be sent out to the studios 2 weeks prior to the competition. Any changes that need to be made must be made 15 days prior to the competition start date. Star Beat will not permit any changes to occur after the final schedule has been sent, unless a discrepancy arises or an unforeseen circumstance takes place. All changes, including correct age category changes, must be made prior to the competition start date. All changes must be written and approved by Star Beat. No changes will be made while a Star Beat event is in progress, unless a true discrepancy arises/unforeseen circumstances occur. All changes must be made through the sole directors of Star Beat. Any rules/regulations may be updated or changed at any time by the sole directors of Star Beat.

Star Beat will not be held responsible for any misprints, errors or omissions in the final program.


All music must be submitted and properly labelled through Dance Bug no later than 2 weeks prior to competition date. Any music changes made the day of competition must be submitted prior to the start of the competition. Should you require assistance in submitting music to Star Beat Dance Champions, contact us at We suggest a back up be brought to the competition (USB or CD), please label. This should be submitted 1 hour prior to your studio’s first performance and picked up either at the end of the session or the end of the day. Please note: Star Beat Dance Champions may disqualify or deduct points from any routine that may be offensive, and/or use mature language.


Props are permitted and must be essential to the routine. Prop set up/take down is to be completed in a timely manner. Prop crew/Performers must be prepared to completely clean the stage immediately following a performance, should it be required. No knives, swords, fire and or live animals, baby powder or liquids. We strictly prohibit the use of fog/smoke machines and any additional lighting to the stage. Star Beat has the right to limit the use of specific props according to the venue’s guidelines and restrictions. Props may or may not be left in the theatre overnight pending venue. Please inquire with Star Beat Dance Champions for further information. In order to accommodate larger props, participants must make note of them on the registration form along with setup times. This information is required to assist in the scheduling of the competition. In the event that any part of the theatre is damaged as a result of a prop, the studio will be held solely responsible for all damages and repair costs determined by the theatre venue. Helium balloons must be tethered to a weight. Charges incurred by Star Beat from the venue for balloons released into the theatre will be charged to the studio.


Star Beat is a family run competition, where we strive to provide a fun, family-friendly atmosphere. Star Beat will acknowledge any concerns with music lyrics, choreography, or costuming that are believed to be inappropriate for family audiences. The routine(s) in question may be subject to disqualification. In a situation, where a Star Beat judge supposes a routine is not age appropriate for any reason will have the sole support of Stat Beat. We will always strive to keep an encouraging and positive competitive atmosphere.

Any person attending a Star Beat Dance Competition is expected to conduct himself or herself in a respectful and friendly manner. This includes all dancers, teachers and guests, at all times.

To help keep our theatre setting as professional as possible cellular phones must be switched to vibrate or silent while inside the theatre. It is greatly appreciated that all attending Star Beat enter and exit the theatre between performances only.

Star Beat strives to always provide a fun and encouraging environment for all in attendance. It is expected that all dancers, teachers, directors and guests display good sportsmanlike conduct to all during the competition weekend. This includes applauding and cheering on your own studio and all other studios. Star Beat will not tolerate any disrespectful behaviour of any kind. Members who are seen conducting themselves in offensive behaviours will be subject to disqualification and/or removed from the premises. Contestants must conduct themselves with decorum during the entire competition.

Star Beat strongly enforces there to be no sitting in aisle ways or sitting in seats that are reserved for teachers or those with accessibility needs. Blow horns or noisemakers are prohibited during the scheduled competition to ensure a positive viewing experience, however we strongly encouraged during the use of these items during the Star Beat Dance Off!

Star Beat asks that studios help maintain a clear backstage area. Students may wait backstage up to 5 numbers before their performance, and must stay clear of the wings. Studio directors and teachers are permitted at all times.

Men are not permitted in the girls dressing room area.

All participants are responsible for cleaning their dressing room area and properly disposing of all garbage. Any participant found vandalizing or causing a disruption at the competition site or hotel is subject to disqualification. Please be advised that studios will be held responsible for any damages to the venue.

The judges’ decisions are Final – No person is allowed near the judging area at any time during the competition. It is prohibited to speak to the judges. Teachers, dancers and parents are not permitted to discuss scoring, comments or results with judges or tabulator.

Performance Details

A contestant in a Solo/Duet/Trio/ is not allowed to compete against himself/herself/themselves in any single age/discipline category. If this situation should arise, they must move up an age category. Groups/Lines may have 50% of the same dancers in a single age/discipline category OR must move up an age category.

All entries must perform in the order that they are scheduled. If a routine must perform out of order, it must be approved by a Star Beat director and must perform before the end of its scheduled session. If not followed correctly, the dance will solely be awarded a score.

Studio directors wanting to place a routine on hold must seek approval from a Star Beat director. If a studio director is unfairly holding a routine(s), that routine(s) will be subject to disqualification.

All performers should be ready to perform 1 hour prior to their scheduled performance time.

Incomplete performances by a Pre-Competitive & Competitive dancer will have the opportunity to re-dance for adjudicators’ comments only. If they choose to do so, dancers will only be eligible to an award according to their score. They will NOT be eligible for placement in the category and are ineligible for overall awards. If a technical difficulty/sickness arises all dancers may re-dance and be entitled to a score and placement, no penalties will occur. Novice dancers will be given the opportunity to re-dance with no penalty.

  • Solo: Under 3 Minutes
  • Duets/Trios: Under 3 Minutes
  • Small Groups: Under 3 Minutes
  • Large Groups: Under 3 Minutes
  • Extended Lines: Under 4 Minutes
  • Production: Unlimited  (please notify Star Beat if over 10 minutes)

Payment Info

Studios must send a deposit in order to secure their spot.

Entry fees must be paid in full by the registration deadline. Any payment received after the registration deadline is subject to a late fee. Entry fees are payable to STAR BEAT DANCE CHAMPIONS by either cheque or E-Transfer to

Any NSF cheques will be charged an administration fee.

Deposits and entry fees are non-refundable.

In the event that a dancer is injured and not able to compete, a refund will be granted at the discretion of the studio director and Star Beat Dance (with a doctor’s note). *Star Beat reserves the right to retain an administration fee of 15%.

Photo / Video

For the sole safety of the dancers, there is to be NO photography or videotaping during performances. Star Beat staff members have the right to confiscate or delete photos or videos that have been taken by audience members. Photography and videotaping is only permitted during adjudication sessions. Performances are professionally videotaped and photographed and can be purchased through DanceBUG.

Star Beat reserves the right to use photographs and video of dancers taken throughout the competitive season for advertising, social media & promotional purposes.


Upon entering Star Beat Dance Champions competition, it is agreed that teachers, competitor’s, parents, and relatives will not hold Star Beat Dance Champions directors, employees and all involved in the competition responsible or liable for any damages, loss, personal injury or illness, which they may sustain while participating in any activity connected with this competition, no matter how caused, to either contestant or spectators.

Star Beat and the venue are not responsible for personal injury to dancers or spectators.

Star Beat is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please do not leave any valuables unattended! Any items that may be left behind at the competition will not be the responsibility of Star Beat.